H.O.M.E. Bylaws

ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION Bylaws Revised 5 4 2016

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Home Oriented Ministry and Education of Gaston County
Adopted June 17, 2013
Revised/Approved June 03, 2017

Article One – NAME
The name of this organization is Home Oriented Ministry and Education of Gaston County, hereinafter referred to as H.O.M.E.

Article Two – PURPOSE
The purpose of H.O.M.E. is to nurture a Christian home education based on the Bible. H.O.M.E. operates by Biblical principles at all times. The primary goal of our support group shall be to provide support for parents who have chosen to educate their children themselves in agreement with our philosophies.

Article Three – MEMBERSHIP
H.O.M.E. membership requirements include signing our Statement of Faith, committing to one or more areas of service per year, abiding by H.O.M.E.’s policies and paying the annual Membership Dues of $35.
H.O.M.E.’s Statement of Faith: We believe the Bible, both Old and New Testaments, to be the sole authority for faith and life, inerrant in the original writings, infallible and God-breathed. God, the Creator of heaven and earth, has existed from all eternity in three persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ was God come to earth in human form being fully God and fully man, born of the Virgin Mary, except without sin. Our salvation and the forgiveness of sins come only through faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement for our sins at the cross. After His death on the cross, Christ bodily rose from the dead and ascended to sit at the right hand of the Father where He reigns until one day, He returns to establish His Kingdom on earth.

Home Oriented Ministry and Education of Gaston County
Adopted June 17, 2013
Revised/Approved October 17, 2014

H.O.M.E. of Gaston County shall be governed by the Steering Committee, also known as the group’s Board. All members must abide by the decisions of the Steering Committee.
-H.O.M.E.’s Steering Committee reserves the right to refuse or deny membership applications without any explanations.
-H.O.M.E.’s Steering Committee may terminate a member’s association with the group without compensation for dues if proper conflict resolution procedures are not followed.
-H.O.M.E. rejects homosexual marriages, homosexual orientation and co-habitational relationships because these are contrary to Scripture and the intention of God in creation.
-H.O.M.E.’s Steering Committee assigns members to their area of service at the beginning of the year using members’ requests in their applications.

New Steering Committee members shall be nominated by a current member of the Steering Committee and presented to the other Board members for a majority approval at any scheduled Steering Committee Meeting. Steering Committee Members may fill multiple positions on the board, as need be. The members of the Board shall be drawn from the membership of H.O.M.E and shall consist of the following:
 H.O.M.E. Chairmen, Teen Team Leaders, Elementary Team Leaders, Special Events Leaders, Communication and Finance Team Leaders whose general responsibilities are listed in Addendum A.
 Steering Committee members pay annual membership dues just as other members do.

Member of the Steering Committee will serve terms of at least one year and five years at the most in each unique leadership position. If a Steering Committee Member should resign or be unable to complete his or her duties the Board will appoint a replacement by utilizing the nomination and selection process outlined above.

Action by the Board must be by a majority of the quorum.

 Membership dues are $35/year for new members & returning members in good standing.
 Members must agree with and sign our Statement of Faith-found on our Articles page.
 Parents agree to remain with their children at all times. Regardless of a child’s age, there are many needs that only a parent or guardian can fill. The Steering Committee asks that parents respect that and provide a responsible caretaker for their children at all H.O.M.E. events.
 H.O.M.E. must have a current Medical Release Form from each family on file-they are included in the application packet. Each steering committee member  will get copies of each member’s forms for safety reasons.
 Once a New Member application is processed, new members will get a Facebook invitation to friend one of our Steering Committee members and once that is accepted, you will be added to the private online Facebook page for H.O.M.E. of Gaston County (returning members do not need an invite). This Facebook Group is H.O.M.E.’s main line of communication with members regarding dates, events, deadlines, and general information.

Section Six – AREAS of SERVICE
Members will be assigned one or more areas of service upon joining H.O.M.E.
 Each family must commit to one or more areas of service for the group during the year. Non-participation in H.O.M.E. meetings and group activities does not relieve a member from service requirements.
 A steering committee member will contact you to let you know what your selected area(s) of service is and talk to you more about the planning and timing.

Section Seven – MEETINGS
There will be several meetings of the Board each year. Additional meetings of the Board may be called when deemed necessary by the Chairmen or any others members of the Board. Any member in good standing may attend. Notice of such meetings will be provided if requested.

The Steering Committee expects all members, parents and children alike, to behave in a manner that glorifies the Lord at all times. Any grievances members may have toward other members must be addressed in a respectful manner.
 Should a member have issues with anyone within H.O.M.E., it is expected for them to try to resolve the issue one on one first; if unresolved, the matter should be resolved in the presence of at least one of our steering committee members.  (Matthew 18:15, Galatians 6:1-2 and Colossians 3:13)
 If it is determined that any of the group’s rules were broken, the Steering Committee will be forced to take action to protect the entire group’s interests.
 Depending on the severity of the infractions or disregard for H.O.M.E.’s policies, the Steering Committee will decide (by a majority) if a Suspension of Membership or if Membership Termination is in order. A formal letter will be sent to the family detailing the decision.
 A Suspension would be for a period of 6 weeks and would prohibit any participation in any and all H.O.M.E. activities for all of the suspended family members. The Steering Committee would re-evaluate the situation at the end of 6 weeks and either re-instate the Membership or decide to terminate the membership. A formal letter will be sent to the family detailing the decision.
 Termination would involve immediate removal from H.O.M.E.’s membership and a forfeiture of any monies paid in for membership dues, activities, or field trips that may have been pre-paid. A formal letter of termination would be sent to the family.
 Any family that has their membership terminated will not be able to re-join H.O.M.E. the next school year. A waiting-period of at least 1 academic year must pass before the Steering Committee may consider re-instating that family.

Section Nine – BYLAWS                                                                                                                        The Bylaws shall be adopted for the governance of the H.O.M.E. by a majority of the Board. A majority vote by the Board is required to amend the Bylaws.

Home Oriented Ministry and Education of Gaston County
Adopted June 17, 2013

Revised June 03, 2017

The Chairmen’s responsibilities include:
 Supervising and coordinating H.O.M.E.’s activities
 Calling and presiding over regular and special meetings of the Board
 Appointing, with a majority vote of the Board, standing or ad hoc Steering Committee Members
 Helping with group members’ conflict resolution and Sending out any formal notices of Member Suspension or Member Termination

 Assigning areas of service for H.O.M.E. members each school year
 Taking the minutes and notes from Steering Committee meetings, distributing them as needed and filing for future use.
 Maintaining a permanent record of all H.O.M.E. proceedings
 Tallying votes from the Board and general membership
 Maintaining and circulating the current Articles of Association, Bylaws and Addendums of H.O.M.E.
 Taking attendance at H.O.M.E. Steering Committee Meetings

The Treasurer’s responsibilities include:
 Receiving all funds paid to H.O.M.E.
 Disbursing money on properly authorized orders/invoices
 Maintaining the permanent record of all financial matters
 Attending monthly Steering Committee Meetings
 Preparing an updated financial report for each Steering Committee meeting
 Preparing a final report for the prior fiscal year and submitting such report to the Board
 Assisting in preparation of event-based budgets and related record keeping
Communications Leader
The Communications Leader’s responsibilities include:
 Updating Yearly and Maintaining H.O.M.E.’s Website Blog
 Maintaining H.O.M.E.’s Web Site Hosting
 Maintaining H.O.M.E.’s Facebook site
 Keeping the board up to date on due dates for web-related payments
 Adding and inviting new members to H.O.M.E.’s member site using applications
 Updating existing member’s information using yearly applications

ADDENDUM B, Added October 17, 2014
“Active” H.O.M.E. members, those in “Good Standing,” will be the members that participate in at least 2-3 activities per semester. Those who do not qualify under these terms will be deemed “Non-Active” members. Non-Active Members will NOT qualify for the Active Member benefits of  Graduation festivities, Yearbook Senior Pages and other non-specific member benefits. Non-Active Members will also be subject to review upon re-applying to H.O.M.E. and could be denied membership for the next school year.